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BUBR Africa

Chapter 2. Spring/Summer 2024

The Main Componnents 

  1.  7 days Road Cycling trip
  2. City and Towns to include…
  3. Stop-off at Historical and Cultural sites
  4. VIP participation at 2 Community Programmes
  5. Maximum capacity numbers for the Tour is 50 people, where BUBR will have 35 and our hosts/ support will have 15

Terms & Conditions

Please fill in the below form or alternatively click here to email us to show your interest

Please view our PDF BUBRAfrica pack here 


Ghana Entry Requirements


What are the immunisation requirements for entry into Ghana?

All travellers aged 18 years and over are required to provide evidence of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at the point of embarkation and upon arrival into Ghana. All travellers must also have a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate, or records indicating their protection from yellow fever.

Please visit the following website for further information and updates https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/ghana/entry-requirements


What are the immigration requirements for entry into Ghana?

All visitors to Ghana must be in possession of a valid passport or legal travel documents.

Depending on your nationality, you may also require a visa or entry permit. Please visit the following website for further information https://ecimsglobal.com/VisaApplication.aspx

Please familiarise yourselves with the visa application process, the documents required, and the application processing times.


How do I get an invitation letter for a visa to Ghana?

The Blas Tours Itinerary should suffice (a copy can be found on https://blackunitybikeride.com/bubrafrica/). However, a group invitation letter will be provided by the Tour operator (Blas Tours) once the names of all riders have been confirmed. Once the group invitation letter is available, you will be provided with a copy.




Do I need to be an experienced rider?

Yes, in addition to being able to ride a minimum of 50 miles in hot weather on consecutive days.


What does the cost of £950pp include?

Accommodation (3*/4*), Accra airport transfers to and from The Roots Hotel on 13th and 21st April 2023, transport on tour days (fully airconditioned coach), bike transport in Ghana (racked vehicle), meals on ride days (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and unlimited bottled water), entrance fees to listed tours and attractions.

The price of £950 excludes flights.


What is the age limit for the tour?

Riders should be at least 18 years old.


The tour starts on 13th April 2022. What happens if I arrive in Ghana on a different day?

The Tour is for 9 days and 8 nights from the 13th to 21st April 2023. Travel arrangements outside these dates will be your own responsibility and at your own cost.


Will participants receive training?

BUBR will not be organising specific training rides. However, a WhatsApp group will be created for the Tour once participants are confirmed, and riders are encouraged to share their training progress and tips in this forum.


What is your cancellation policy?

The deposit of £95 is non-refundable. Once the deposit has been paid you have entered into a contract with Blas Tours. Their terms & conditions and cancellation policy can be found at https://blastours.com/terms-conditions/. It may be possible to have your cancellation charges waived if  you are able to nominate a replacement or we can offer your place to someone on the waiting list. Please check this before cancelling.


Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, a valid travel insurance policy to include adequate medical cover and cancellations will be required for this trip. Please note that it is advisable to arrange travel insurance at the time of booking your holiday. We would recommend fully comprehensive travel insurance.





What happens after I pay the deposit?

You will be sent a confirmation email along with the detailed itinerary. Further information will be sent to you nearer the time.


What is the payment plan?

You will pay a non-refundable deposit of £95. Following that, you have the option of paying the full balance of £855 by the 30thSeptember 2022. Alternatively the balance of £855 can be paid via three equal instalments of £285 due on 30th September 2022, 30thNovember 2022 and 31st January 2023.


NB: Prices are based on double/twin occupancy. If requested, a single room supplement of £280 will apply and your balance after the deposit will be £1,135.





Do I  have to share a room?

Rooms will be double/twin occupancy (shared). However, a single room supplement of £280 can be paid if you would prefer not to share a room.


Can I choose who I share a room with?

Yes. If you have agreed to share a room with someone who is booked on the Tour, please indicate this on the booking form.


There are 3 of us and we don’t want to be split up. Can the 3 of us share one room?

No, rooms are double or single occupancy only.


I don’t have someone to share a room with, what happens with my room?

BUBR will allocate a same gender roommate. If this will not be possible we will let you know as soon as possible. If you would prefer not to share a room please indicate this on the booking form. A single occupancy charge of £280.


When will I know who you have allocated as my roommate?

This will be confirmed to you a few days before the ride.


Which hotel will we be staying at?

The hotel at Accra will be the Roots Hotel Accra. Details of other hotels along the Tour are provided on the detailed itinerary sent to you once your place on the Tour has been confirmed. Please note that the Tour Operator reserves the right to change the hotel at a moment’s notice, as long as the new accommodation is of a comparable standard.


What time does hotel check-in open on Day 1?

Riders can check-in from midday.


What time is hotel check-out on the last day of the Tour?

This will be communicated via the Daily briefings whilst on tour.


Can I use alternative accommodation?

Yes, however the Tour price remains the same and you will be responsible for your own travel arrangements to meet us on the Tour.


What time is the hotel transfer leaving Accra airport for the hotel on 13th April 2022?

There will be a shuttle bus service as flight arrival times are staggered. Once we have all the flight arrival times a schedule will be published closer to the time.


What time is the airport transfer leaving the hotel for Accra airport on  21st April 2022?

There will be a shuttle bus service as Flight departure times are staggered, once we have all the flight departure times a schedule will be published closer to the time.


What happens if I miss the hotel or airport transfer?

As long as your flight details were previously shared with BUBR and the cause of delay is beyond your control, a local transfer to the hotel will be organised for you





How do I get my bike to Ghana?

Please speak with your airline about this.


Where will my bike be kept overnight in Ghana?

Each hotel will provide secure storage or individuals can keep their bikes in their hotel rooms if preferred.


Can I rent a bike when I get to Ghana?

There will be no bike rental facilities available.


What type  of bike do I need?

A road bike or a hybrid road bike


What bike support services are available during the tour?

The Tour is fully supported and includes the following elements.

  • 1 Tour Rep from BikeTours)
  • 1 Bike mechanic/ Ride Marshal
  • 1 Ride Marshal
  • 2 Ride leaders
  • 1 Support And Gear (breakdown service for bikes)


Please note you will be responsible for all spare parts such as replacement tubes, ripped tyres etc, so please

pack an adequate supply in your bike Box.





Which charities is the Tour supporting?

The Tour will be supporting VJC Community Programme and EFFIA Regional Hospital. More details will be circulated in due course.


How can I donate to the charities?

A page for donations will be set up and the details will be shared amongst all Tour attendees.



BUBR Accra Tour 


What is the itinerary?

The final itinerary will be confirmed a few days before the Tour. Updates to the itinerary may be required during the Tour and these will be communicated via the daily briefings.


Do the meals cater for dietary requirements?

Yes, please indicate your requirements on the booking form.


What time are we setting out each morning?

These will be communicated at the welcome speech and at the daily briefings.


Can I purchase tickets for additional tours for my free days in Accra?

Yes, our Tour Operator will have a range on offer at a BUBR discounted price.


What medical assistance will be available during the tour?

There will be a First Aid Vehicle for all ride days.


Will we have security  during the tour?

We will have two police details (including a Road Commander) accompanying the group.



If you have any further questions, please e-mail booking@blackunitybikeride.com